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We believe that every believer can grow to reach their full potential in God. 

Through our Christian Development Programme that serves as a guide for believers to become a follower of Christ, we focus on these three main aspects:

1. Bible Knowledge

The Word of God holds the principles and power for every believer to be a true follower of Christ. Through a series of foundational courses and sessions, you can grow your faith, study the bible and discover God's plan. Talk to a leader to learn more.

2. Personal Growth

Every believer has their own story and unique journey with God. We want to do life together with you by helping you find your giftings and see a transformation in your life. This is done through personal discipleship and being a part of a Life Group, where we help you discover your calling. Connect with a leader to be discipled and be a part of a Life Group today.

3. Ministry Involvement

We desire to see every believer become a part of what God is doing in Christchurch. You can get involved by serving in a ministry, where you get challenged in your capacity while helping others. Join a ministry today.

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